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Price: Rs.30.00/-
Units: 75 Grams

MULTANI MATTI PREMIUM SOAP For thousands of years till modern cosmetics took over Multani Mitti worked as a natural cleanser and astringent. It cleans the skin while maintaining the natural balance of skin oils. Oily skin has very active sebaceous glands that p6secrete more oil. Such greasy skin attracts a lot of dirt which clogs the skin pores. This type of skin needs a thorough cleansing routine to remove the surface grime and unclog the blocked pores. For this you need a soap that rejuvenates tightens and exfoliates skin. Akshaya s Multani Mitti Premium Soap acts as a solution to remove the dead skin and also ensures the skin to be fair and revitalized. Additional ingredients like olive oil glycerin and honey are very effective in bringing out the best in your skin. Using this soap would bring out the glow in your skin and aid in making your skin to always remain healthy and young. The benefits of this soap include its antioxidant features due to the fact that it contains phytosterols polyphenos and Vitamin E from the olive oil. This antioxidant helps to prevent your skin from aging prematurely by making your skin smooth. It would also help to prevent damage to your skin and is able to penetrate into your skin and does not clog your skin pores and would therefore help in boosting the beauty of your skin and removal of dead cells.

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